30 Under 30 March 18, 2020

TMN 30 Under 30 shortlist drops April 1, awards mixer cancelled

TMN 30 Under 30 shortlist drops April 1, awards mixer cancelled

Entries for the closed March 6, and it’s safe to say the calibre of submissions were nothing short of brilliant.

The judges are currently reviewing applications from hundreds of young professionals within the Australiasian music biz, many of which paint an inspiring picture for the future.

The average age of entrants was 26, with a diverse mix of candidates across all sectors of music: from artist managers and tech entrepreneurs to music journalists and marketers.

Take a look for yourself, TMN previewed some of the applicants here and here.

With all the uncertainty and anxiety in the air surrounding COVID-19, here’s hoping our class of 2020 can bring us some hope.

Music has been hit hard and the wider industry is looking to our past, present and future leaders to guide us through the madness.

In light of recent events, the TMN 30 Under 30 Awards calendar has been updated to offer more time to our editorial team and judges, many of which are on the frontlines right now.

The TMN 30 Under 30 shortlist will now be announced on April 1, and the 30 winners will be revealed on April 15. A reader’s choice poll will follow so you can play judge at home.

It would be irresponsible to bring the industry together on April 29 in Sydney as planned. Many of you already asked, and we agreed. Sadly, the celebratory awards mixer had to be scrapped.

But we do like to party, so we’ll find an alternative rave it up, down the line.

The industry-first awards are made possible in 2020 thanks to the support of APRA AMCOS, Eventbrite, MTV, Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music.

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