30 Under 30 February 12, 2020

Check out the first three entries for TMN’s 30 Under 30 Awards

Check out the first three entries for TMN’s 30 Under 30 Awards

The only way is up, baby.

It’s been less than two weeks since entries officially opened, and already submissions are rolling in thick and fast for the revived .

If you are aged 30 or under and work in or around the , get your submission in stat before entries close on February 21. You’ll kick yourself later if you don’t, maybe.

It’s not just about finding the next Chuggi!

With support from APRA AMCOS, Eventbrite, MTV, Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music, the TMN 30 Under 30 Awards are all about showcasing the next generation of leaders from a wide cross-section of the biz.

Together, our mission is to unearth the youngest and brightest minds who will go on to do great things for artists and the industry. So don’t be a spectator, it’s your turn to shine bright like a diamond. Entries are open right now.

TMN was impressed with the first few entries last week, and believe the judges will be too.

Ophelia Symons, 25

TMN 30 Under 30 Awards

The first submission, received within a few hours of announcing that entries were open, came from Ophelia Symons at Collision Course PR.

Symons completed a bachelor in Entertainment Business Management a few years ago and found a passion for public relations within entertainment. She’s “extremely passionate about the music industry” and vales her professional success against that of the artists she works with.

What does professional success look like to Ophelia Symons?

“Professional success is earning respect from industry peers and clients, gaining a reputation for being hard-working, approachable and trusted to take the reigns on someone else’s creative endeavours – and above all finding happiness in the day to day work being carried out.”


Nathan Gunn, 18

TMN 30 Under 30 Awards

Since the age of 15, Nathan Gunn has been involved in a broad range of music industry-related activities.

He’s currently a workshop facilitator at The Push Inc. At age 16, he got involved with The Push’s New Slang events team. That same year (2018), he wrote an online petition, pushing for Gang of Youths to add an All-Ages/U18 show to their tour in Melbourne. The petition was successful.

What does professional success look like to Nathan Gunn?

“Professional success to me is about playing on your strengths and improving your weaknesses to get opportunities, whether they’re big or small. Professional success is consistently learning and striving to know, and be able to do, more. I constantly push myself to know more and get more involved in areas I don’t know enough about.”


Jay Seeney, 28

TMN 30 Under 30 Awards

Just over two years ago, Jay Seeney started a journey which left a massive impact on the country music industry.

Originally an artist, he was struggling with the costs associated with producing high-quality music videos. It was at that time that Seeney realised something had to change. So he created a video production company: Blacklist Productions, with a goal to produce high quality, affordable cinematic music videos.

What does professional success look like to Jay Seeney?

“Professional success is many things, the most important thing is that it doesn’t feel like work. I love what I do and I can create real tangible value for artists that I work with. Professional success is the industry recognising that you are doing great things for the industry.”


An all-star judging panel has been chosen to assess and evaluate every application and help select a shortlist of finalists and victors.

“Over six months in the planning, we’re excited to discover and spotlight the young executives that will play an influential role in shaping a healthy, diverse and inclusive future for the local music industry on the world stage,” said TMN’s editor & publisher, Jake Challenor.

Applicants can select from over ten awards categories. Try to identify which one you are prominently impacting. But don’t worry if you choose the wrong one, TMN editors review all entries and will make the final call.

Five finalists, and ultimately three winners, will be selected from each of the ten categories. There will also be a publically voted Reader’s Choice winner.


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