30 Under 30 April 22, 2020

TMN 30 Under 30: Meet your Digital & Social winners

TMN 30 Under 30: Meet your Digital & Social winners

With the finalists, 30 victors and Reader’s Choice champ revealed, it’s time to meet the winners.

After getting to know the A&R & Creative winners on Tuesday,  it’s time to take a look at the three TMN 30 Under 30 heroes from the Digital & Social category.

Congratulations to Brienna Webster from Sony Music, Cara Anderson from SGC Media Group and Gabrielle Pabustan from Island Records.

We asked each applicant to outline the biggest challenges facing the music industry and all 30 entries were unique and worth sharing. Responses were given prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.

This year’s are made possible thanks to six incredible sponsors, including APRA AMCOS, Eventbrite, MTV, Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music.

Brienna Webster, Sony Music

What are the biggest challenges facing the music industry?

The adaptiveness of our industry counterparts.

The industry needing to be nimble and accepting the new normal when things appear that shake up everything we know – for example, the beast that is TikTok and how that has impacted.

Cara Anderson, SGC Media Group

What are the biggest challenges facing the music industry?

A common challenge that we face in the music industry is how we consume music.

It has been a challenge for a while as we’ve seen the shift from physical sales, to illegal downloads, to streaming platforms and I believe it will continue to be challenging as trends and technologies adapt and grow.

An even bigger challenge is to not become complacent and get stuck in our ways. It’s important to stay ahead of the game and to be aware of how audiences like to connect with artists.

Whether it’s creating an engaging TikTok campaign or an insightful YouTube series, it’s important to keep adapting.

Gabrielle Pabustan, Island Records

What are the biggest challenges facing the music industry?

Working in music is such a privilege but sometimes the reality for many in this industry isn’t so great and can actually be really difficult.

Many in our community, from the musos to artist managers to label staff to the roadies, suffer from anxiety, depression and other forms of mental health issues, as well as job instability and financial hardships.

We make a lot of excuses for ourselves, and really we need to be looking out for each other a lot more. It’s great to see the music industry beginning to talk more openly and honestly about our various struggles.

Organisations like Support Act who are taking the lead in providing support for industry workers, the companies who have shifted their policies to focus on the wellbeing of their artists & employees, as well as the various panels and workshops, are all helping to break the taboo around mental health – but we still have a long way to go.

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