New Music February 26, 2019

SOTD: Birds Of Tokyo’s ‘Good Lord’ is a blessing to Aussie radio

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SOTD: Birds Of Tokyo’s ‘Good Lord’ is a blessing to Aussie radio
Photo Credit: Cybele Malinowski

sing of heartbreak and despair on new single ‘Good Lord’, a departure from their familiar catalogue of buoyant and hopeful anthems.

This three-and-a-half minute epic sees frontman Ian Kenny tap into a new lyrical domain after an ugly marriage breakup two years ago.

“It’s the old story,” Kenny explains. “You get married and you think you’re gonna live happily ever after. But one day unexpectedly you see something that literally shatters your whole world. Then you have to spend years trying to put your head and heart back together.”

On ‘Good Lord’, Birds rediscover much of the same musical greatness demonstrated on their most popular singles. ‘Plans’, ‘Wild At Heart’ and ‘Lanterns’ all broke the Top 10 on the TMN Hot 100, with the latter peaking at #2.  

September last year saw the Perth natives become the seventh Aussie act to top TMN’s Most Added To Radio in 2018 with ‘Unbreakable’. The track eventually peaked at #28 on the airplay chart.

With across-the-board additions rolling in from the national Hit metro network and Nova Brisbane, ‘Good Lord’ could well be the next radio hit waiting to happen. 

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