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New Music April 9, 2019

SOTD: Alison Wonderland’s ‘Peace’ prompts an instant radio reaction

Charts & New Music Editor
SOTD: Alison Wonderland’s ‘Peace’ prompts an instant radio reaction
Photo Credit: Gilbert Sanchez

Alison Wonderland is taking over the world.

Featured on the cover of Billboard’s Annual Dance Issue and selling out Red Rocks Colorado in just five minutes, the Aussie has timed the release of new single ‘Peace’ to perfection. 

“When you are creating something and you are an artist, you owe it to the world and yourself to be completely honest with what you’re going through, in order to channel the best creative side of yourself,” Wonderland told TMN from Los Angeles today.

“I was begging the world to give me some sort of clarity and peace in my mind.”

Radio is wasting no time getting around this EDM gem. Triple j got the ball rolling with a high rotation add, while the Hit Network also added ‘Peace’ to national Nights. 

With these adds already in the bag and potentially more to follow, Wonderland is pushing for a podium Most Added To Radio finish this week. 

The DJ had notable success at radio in 2018 with ‘Church’. The single peaked at #41 on the TMN Hot 100 while also making an impact on the Alternative chart at #3.

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