New Music June 11, 2020

Nathan Foley lets loose on new dance anthem ‘She Devil’

Nathan Foley lets loose on new dance anthem ‘She Devil’

The legion of very young fans who grew up on a diet of Hi-5 hits have followed Nathan Foley from children’s entertainer to singer-songwriter.

An original cast member of the much-loved franchise, Foley left Hi-5 in 2008 and went on to musical theatre, appearing in shows like Jerry Springer: The Opera and Mamma Mia!.

He also tried his hand at reality television, twice. Foley was a Top 3 contestant on Network Ten’s I Will Survive in 2012 and, seven years later, wowed viewers on Nine’s The Voice Australia.

Now he’s right back where he belongs, making records of a different variety for a fanbase that has swapped playtime for party time. And their mums aren’t left behind either.

Foley is pursuing a solo career after signing to StudioBox Creative and recording tracks with Welsh music Producer Greg Haver at Neil Finn’s legendary Roundhead Studios.

The forthcoming album’s first single is the cheeky dance anthem ‘She Devil’, which arrived at streaming services and radio inboxes last Friday (June 5), with the album slated for late 2020.

“This is a dance song, it’s tongue-in-cheek and about a relationship experience”, Foley said.

“It’s always a nerve-wracking experience letting new songs out into the world after they have been part of your internal space for so long.

“But I am looking forward to finally releasing this new music, followed soon after with a tour and an opportunity to play live.

“I look forward to getting out in front of an audience very soon.”

The official video for ‘She Devil’ was made during the current lockdown, and the 40-year-old singer and musician admits he’s eager to “get in front of an audience very soon”.

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