New Music February 17, 2020

Marina Matiss releases space-themed debut single ‘Phoboslight’

Marina Matiss releases space-themed debut single ‘Phoboslight’

Barcelona-based singer-songwriter Marina Matiss has been singing and performing her whole life, and finally releases her debut single ‘Phoboslight’.

Multi-lingual Matiss wrote the track as a hymn to the next Amelia Earhart, but one that may take humanity into space, and ultimately, to Mars.

Matiss says the inspiration for the song came from Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

“I got the inspiration for the song after watching a presentation by Elon Musk about colonizing Mars and I believe it’s something that will happen in our lifetime,” she says.

Matiss is now working on her album with US producer Arthur Pingrey (Sia, Sting) and David Palau (Bon Jovi).

The video for ‘Phoboslight’ was directed by Santi Ubeda, who says the clip tried to capture the essence of 1960s space enthusiasm.

“We wanted to reconnect to the early space enthusiasm from the 1960’s and the feeling that everything is possible and within reach.

“I think NASAs video footage from that time mixes amazingly well with Marina Matiss’ nostalgia.”

Watch the clip below:

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