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New Music July 3, 2020

Cass Hopetoun returns with defiant new single ‘Typical Bride’

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Cass Hopetoun returns with defiant new single ‘Typical Bride’

Cass Hopetoun looks set to cement her standing among Australia’s hottest country acts, returning this week with her new single ‘Typical Bride’.

The follow-up to ‘Shots’ shows off Hopetoun’s diversity as a singer-songwriter. It’s a sassy anthem centred around themes of empowerment.

The new single is her first out through Compass Bros via Universal Music, and comes with a nostalgic video clip that feels like it is straight out of the ’70s.

“It’s a country sass anthem, all about feeling empowered to do things the way you like and not worrying about what everyone else thinks you should do,” says Hopetoun, who recorded the single at Love Hz Studios in Sydney with Matt Fell (The Wolfe Brothers, Brad Butcher).

The Blue Mountains-hailing artist wrote ‘Typical Bride’ with Blake Dantier. “The idea poured out of me one day after talking to my parents about my wedding plans. We had very different ideas about what the day had to include, and so the first writing session was definitely a bit of a vent,” she said.

This latest release shows that ‘Shots’, which peaked as high as #4 on the TMN Country Hot 50 and this week returns to the Top 20, was far from a fluke.

‘Typical Bride’ follows Hopetoun’s first foray back into live music since the coronavirus pandemic hit Australia, as she performed as support for Casey Donovan at a drive-in gig in Sydney.


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