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New Music August 12, 2020

Queensland collective Swish Music drop new single ‘Blow’

Queensland collective Swish Music drop new single ‘Blow’

Rising act Swish Music has unveiled their latest single, a powerful new track titled ‘Blow’.

The hip-hop collective, who all hail from Brisbane and Ipswich in Queensland, set out to feature the distinct rhythm and flow of each of their members.

DC Ralph, Dau Dau, Unamii and AG Supreme each show off their individual talents on ‘Blow’, with the track yet another example of how Swish Music is able to create such diverse sonic creations.

The beat for ‘Blow’ was created by Barcelona-based producer Saint Cardrona. “I think ‘Blow’ is a song that anybody can bop to,” Unamii said of the track.

“There’s different elements, flow and energy with every person you hear come in as the track progress. There’s something for everyone.”

Swish Music was founded by MC Dau Dau and named after his hometown of Ipswich. The crew continues to evolve, and since it began 18 months ago has expanded to a 12-person collective.

Its other members include Reddeye Glizzi, Deemenace, Jay Swi$h, XPunhc, Showt!me, M2, Been Ballin, TMB and AG, with backgrounds including South Sudanese, Ugandan and Australian.

This latest effort from the Queensland group follows a recent remix of their own track Showtime where they were joined by fellow locals Hoodzy and Nerve.

‘Blow’ is out now through Sony Music Entertainment Australia.


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