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New Music February 27, 2019

SOTD: Amber Lawrence is living large on ‘Outrageous’

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SOTD: Amber Lawrence is living large on ‘Outrageous’

With four #1 singles on the TMN Country Airplay Chart and more than a decade of releasing music, Aussie Amber Lawrence needs no introduction to country radio.

Last week, Lawrence released a brand new single ‘Outrageous’, the leading track off her upcoming album SPARK. It’s also her first single as a lead artist in nearly a year.

‘Outrageous’ premiered at January’s Golden Guitar Awards, in which Lawrence was a co-host, and packs an energetic punch with one of the most catchy vocal melodies of 2019 so far.

Written with Isabella Kearney-Nurse and Roberto DeSa, ‘Outrageous’ has been added to CMC as next week’s Country Pick, and looks set to debut on this week’s Country Chart.

According to Lawrence, the idea for the song came years ago when she was backstage at the Golden Guitars.

“‘Outrageous’ is a song about living the life you want to live. It’s such a fun and energetic song, and it’s exactly how I live my life – especially now combining motherhood with a full-time music and touring life.”


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