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New Music January 18, 2019

SOTD: ‘7 Minutes’ proves Dean Lewis is a bonafide hitmaker

Charts & New Music Editor
SOTD: ‘7 Minutes’ proves Dean Lewis is a bonafide hitmaker

Dean Lewis is the name on everyone’s lips. 4x Platinum hit ‘Be Alright’ was the fourth highest-selling single in the country last year and continues to climb the charts across the globe.

‘Be Alright’ took Lewis to the next level, making 2019 an important year for the hitmaker as he looks to consolidate his reputation as a leading singer-songwriter.

Now, Lewis releases ‘7 Minutes’, the second cut lifted from his upcoming debut album. Recorded in the UK, the track was produced by Nick Atkinson and Edd Holloway, the same duo behind ‘Be Alright’ and ‘Waves’.

‘7 Minutes’ has all the right ingredients for commercial success. Musically poignant verses and an all-out strummer of a chorus lead into a stripped back yet triumphant bridge, helped out by ethereal pads and drums.

Radio will no doubt have a field day with this track. Like ‘Be Alright’, ‘7 Minutes’ will incite a welcoming response from alt radio, as well as the likes of Triple M and CHR networks.  

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