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News July 23, 2021

Songtradr signs global sync partnership with Cleopatra Records

Songtradr signs global sync partnership with Cleopatra Records

Music licensing marketplace Songtradr has entered a partnership with Cleopatra Records for global sync services.

The Los Angeles independent record label’s roster will be added to Songtradr’s global library, providing its artists with myriad opportunities for sync and content deals.

Founded in 1992 by Brian Perera, Cleopatra Records became a pivotal force in ushering in the second wave of goth and industrial music, with acts such as Christian Death, Switchblade Symphony and Leæther Strip releasing music through the label.

Cleopatra’s roster also includes the likes of Iggy Pop, Bob Marley, Jane’s Addiction, Dolly Parton, Joy Division and beyond.

The label has also previously partnered with a number of European labels to commission electronic music compilations and records from Paul Oakenfold, Future Sound Of London and more.

Perera said that the deal with Songtradr would provide Cleopatra’s artist roster with more opportunities to monetise their music for advertising and promotional campaigns worldwide.

“We’re looking forward to introducing our ever-expanding roster to the Songtradr ecosystem,” Perera said.

“The signing will provide our artists with access to a vast array of sync opportunities.”

Songtradr’s director of artist and label services David Sayer celebrated Cleopatra’s eclectic artist roster and legacy as he welcomed them aboard.

“Cleopatra is an institution with an immensely impressive roster,” Sayer said.

“We’re excited to have access to such an amazing range of artists and tracks from such a variety of genres.”

Recently, Songtradr has inked a number of similar licensing deals with Golden Robot Records and Melodie, as well as acquiring music tech services such as Pretzel, Tunefind and MassiveMusic.

Last month, the company also successfully raised USD $50 million in a Series D Funding round, with CEO Paul Wiltshire hinting at the potential for the service to pursue an IPO later this year.


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