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exclusive New Signings March 30, 2021

NOiZE Recordings signs LA-based Bipolar Sunshine [exclusive]

NOiZE Recordings signs LA-based Bipolar Sunshine [exclusive]
Pictured: Bipolar Sunshine / Source: Supplied

NOiZE Recordings, a new joint venture label between Sony Music Australia and songwriter/producer Jarrad Rogers, has signed Bipolar Sunshine.

The enigmatic Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter from Manchester, England, born Adio Marchant hit the US and UK charts with tracks as ‘Where Did The Love Go’, ‘Deckchairs On The Moon’ and ‘Daydreamer.’

His best-known track is French DJ/producer DJ Snake’s 2015 single ‘Middle’ – which Marchant co-wrote, co-produced and sang on – which reached #5 on the ARIA Charts and was certified triple platinum.

Another team-up, ‘Whole Heart’ with US DJ/producer Gryffin, racked up more than 35 million Spotify streams and was a Top 20 hit on the US dance charts.

“I met Bipolar Sunshine at a writing session when we were both living in Los Angeles,” Rogers said, NOiZE president, who has collaborated with Diplo, Mark Ronson and Charli XCX.

“Our respective publishers put us together for a session. He walked in with this weird high streetwear, I thought this dude is a tripper.”

That they spent time living in England was a bonding force. “We wrote a song together. It happened so naturally and so quickly that there was this instant connection.”

It was inevitable Bipolar Sunshine and NOiZE would end up together.

Both express themselves through music, art, fashion, and additionally food, for the label.

Other NOiZE signings are Ashwarya, the Melbourne singer is known for underground fashion statements and whose single ‘Biyani’ was inspired by Indian cuisine; while GG McG is as equally well known as a photographer and whose visual eye made her a creative director for Tones And I, The Rubens and Tash Sultana.

“I knew I was great hands when I spent a lot of time (via Zoom) talking with Emile [Frederick, NOiZE group creative director] and Jarrad about the full process and what I wanted to achieve with my latest project”, states Bipolar Sunshine.

“It’s rare that you meet people who share a similar passion in allowing the art to flourish first. Which for me is extremely important.

“The NOiZE team have really placed many incredible new ideas and concepts in front of me that will only enhance what I’m doing.

“They have the drive to become one of the top labels. I can feel that we have many great times ahead.”

Pictured: NOiZE president Jarrad Rogers / Source: Supplied

Rogers’ approach to NOiZE was it had to be more than a record company.

“Music is the fuel line to so many aspects of creativity, and the idea always was to build a movement and a culture with which you can make an impact while having fun and collaborating with all kinds of other creatives.”

Its NOiZE Facility studio covers these mediums and specialises in art direction across video, campaigns, print, photography and performance.

NOiZE will operate between Melbourne and Los Angeles, with a base in London in three years.

Rogers said achieving the vision relies heavily on the partnership with Sony Music Australia, whose acts Delta Goodrem and Guy Sebastian he wrote and produced tracks for.

He recalls the day of signing the deal with Sony. He was standing under a Delta Goodrem plaque at the major’s boardroom when chairman and CEO Denis Handlin said “Welcome back to the future”.

“I thought it was so perfect, it was like a homecoming,” Rogers said.

“It was a safe place where we all trusted each other and that’s a huge part of achieving what we all set out to achieve.

“Denis, Pat [Handlin] and the team operate like a family. They made me feel all my ideas are valid and they would support them. That was essential for us.”

It is from this launching pad that NOiZE will launch Bipolar Sunshine globally.

“The goal is to bring the whole world that he’s being operating him as a creator,” according to Rogers. “He expresses his creativity in many ways.

“We want to bring together the success he’s had as a writer and an artist over many years in an impactful and creative package and launch it to the world.

“(Music fans) have heard his songs but they’ve never heard of him. It’s a big ask to land that personification of him but we’ve got some pretty crazy plans. We’ll pull it off, because at NOiZE we go as hard as we can.”

Bipolar Sunshine is highly prolific: he delivered 60 demos to NOiZE before the deal was signed. The songs that connect to his story, he keeps. The others he passes on to other artists.

His album was produced by Grammy-winning Malaya aka James Ryan Ho who’s worked with Frank Ocean, Lorde and John Legend, and wanted in to the project after hearing the songs.

“Bipolar Sunshine had a story he wanted to plot out on his first album, all the songs are connected, they tell a story, and that’s what we’re going to be doing visually and creatively.”


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