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New Music November 3, 2020

Mitch Tambo covers ‘Absolutely Everybody’ for NAIDOC Week

Mitch Tambo covers ‘Absolutely Everybody’ for NAIDOC Week

First Nations musician Mitch Tambo has given the Vanessa Amorosi classic ‘Absolutely Everybody’ a new lease on life, sung in his Gamilaraay language, ahead of next month’s NAIDOC Week.

“Absolutely Everybody is always remembered as the anthem of the 2000 Sydney Olympics and is such an iconic song embedded in Australian music history,” Tambo said. “I’ve always wanted to cover it as its messages are very impactful and mean a lot to me personally.”

Tambo, who was recently appointed ambassador for UNICEF Australia, has also launched a third season of his Tambo Talks series on Instagram. His first guest was Casey Donovan, with Ash London up next and more to come in the weeks ahead as promotes the new single.

The recording also features on ABC Music’s upcoming Deadly Hearts compilation and follows on from the successful release of his anthemic single ‘LOVE’.

“As the song says, ‘Everybody breathes and everybody bleeds’.

“Basically, we’re all human, we all feel, we all love, and we all share differences and similarities. It’s a powerful reminder that we must not forget to come together and love one another regardless of race, gender, religion or sexuality.

“This year has presented the world unprecedented challenges. So, the song is a timely message that we must acknowledge the hard truths so we can heal and move forward together as one.”

The theme for NAIDOC Week 2020, which happens November 8-15, is ‘Always Was Always Will Be’, which Tambo said is a note to all of us to take courage and look at the true history of Australia, something he hopes will be viewed in a positive light.

“It shouldn’t be about debating and rehashing negative views but rather focussing on the positives so we can continue to sow good seed and heal together,” he said.

“NAIDOC Week is the perfect time for everyone to further their understanding of the history of the peoples of this land, and to partake in a greater dialogue regarding unity. We collectively need to face the whole truth of our beautiful nation so we can journey on together one step at a time.”

The Melbourne-based songwriter, who burst onto the scene last year as a finalist on Australia’s Got Talent, has since become an international sensation with his CD Guurrama-Li racing up music charts around the world, including the UK, US, Europe, Indonesia, Thailand and New Zealand.

‘Absolutely Everybody’ by Mitch Tambo is out now.

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