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News June 25, 2019

Hutchence statue already in play, but not in Sydney or Melbourne [exclusive]

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Hutchence statue already in play, but not in Sydney or Melbourne [exclusive]

While the Michael Hutchence family and the late singer’s fans debate Sydney vs Melbourne for a memorial statue, there are already plans underway for an entirely different location.

But if either city, then where? The INXS interactive exhibition at the X Building near Ballina Airport in country NSW, TMN has learned.

The X Building will house thousands of items and a recreation of INXS’s legendary show at London’s Wembley Stadium to 72,000 fans.

Part of the design calls for a Hutchence statue outside the x-shaped building, which is expected to be a major tourist attraction.

When TMN contacted Christopher M. Murphy on Tuesday and asked the band’s creative director about their own statue, his response was: “Of course!”.

“I was shocked and surprised with all the international media attention around my INXS archives being housed within the X Building that no one bothered to ask if a Michael Hutchence statue could be a possibility.”

Until now Yarra City Council was getting feedback from its residents concerning a proposal from a group of fans about the statue being erected in the same Richmond park which already has Ian “Molly” Meldrum’s statue and which is behind one of Melbourne’s best known live music venues, the Corner Hotel.

The fans would raise funds for the memorial, at no cost to the council.

However last Friday (June 21), the council announced that the proposal was on hold.

It issued a statement which read in part: “Some members of the family are still committed to pursuing Richmond as their preferred location for the statue, however others have indicated a desire to explore the possibility of having the statue created and located in North Sydney.

“In the interests of unity, the family have requested Yarra Council not to progress further with the proposal until this can be resolved.

“We respect the wishes of the Hutchence family and wish them all the best in seeing a statue of Michael realised.”

July marks the release of Richard Lowenstein’s Mystify full-length documentary Mystify and its soundtrack through Petrol Recordings.

Both have received positive reviews from advance screenings and hearings.


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