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News May 27, 2019

Melbourne council to vote on Michael Hutchence statue

Melbourne council to vote on Michael Hutchence statue

The City of Yarra in Melbourne is set to vote on a Michael Hutchence statue in a Richmond park.

The campaign, the initiative of the late singer’s US-based sister Tina Hutchence, has emphasised that his solo work had close ties with Richmond.

These included the shooting of the Richard Lowenstein-helmed Dogs In Space movie in a share house in nearby Berry Street, and the making of the Max Q record with underground luminary Ollie Olsen.

A report to council said, “His reach as a musician was global and his involvement with the film… has cult status, as well as being recognised by our heritage agency.”

If the council vote green-lights the project, it will then be thrown open to public feedback.

The $145,000 statue will not be paid for by taxpayers but raised by supporters.

A campaign by music industry names as broadcaster Jane Gazzo and The Superjesus singer Sarah McLeod had by early May come close to its target of 10,000 here.

However, the council will manage the project, including the commissioning of the creation of the statue and the landscaping of its area.

It will be behind the long-running major live music venue The Corner Hotel in a stretch of park near the railway station and the Wall of Music mural and adjacent to the new statue of Molly Meldrum and his dog Ziggy.

Las year City of Yarra mayor Danae Bosler commented, “Michael Hutchence is a true Australian music legend, and it’s a compliment his family has looked to the City of Yarra as the home for his statue.

“The City of Yarra has a proud history of cultivating and championing local music, and is the home to some of Australia’s top live music venues, so we’re especially honoured his family saw Yarra as a good fit.”


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