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CXLOE sings about being “blind-sided” by the music biz in new single ‘Low Blow’

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CXLOE sings about being “blind-sided” by the music biz in new single ‘Low Blow’

“I’m a control freak. As much as I’m trying to let go of things, I still find myself hanging onto the wheel.”

Sometimes the music business can be a wicked place for young musicians. But suits beware, your encounters with artists can end in the ultimate retribution; a hit song.

Amy Shark got her revenge with ‘I Said Hi’, The Smith’s went all-in on their label with ‘Paint a Vulgar Picture’, Gregg Alexander of New Radicals tackled creative conflict in their 1998 hit ‘You Get What You Give’, and Public Enemy spared nobody with ‘How to Kill a Radio Consultant’.

Now it’s ’s turn to take a left-swipe at some major label executive-types of the Hollywood kind.

The fully independent Sydney artist has taken aim at the music industry’s ever-changing terms in new single ‘Low Blow’, a defiant departure from her 2018 radio and streaming hit ‘Show You’.

“I wanted to write a song about [the music business] called ‘Low Blow’, where it feels like you’ve been hit in the guts,” she tells TMN exclusively.

‘Low Blow’ is a radio-ready hit in CXLOE’s signature dark-pop style about one-sided relationships that can swing from hot to cold with no warning.

“The labels kinda string you along and get what they want, and you don’t have much of a say, and then they just cut ties or if you’re lucky they give you an awesome deal.”

CXLOE reunited with songwriter and producer Andrew Wells for ‘Low Blow’, co-writing the song in Los Angeles with songwriter Jonny Price.

On the chorus, CXLOE sings: ‘That was a low blow / Stupid of me to get into this with all my high hopes / Hit me below the belt / Now I’m the psycho’.

“I think that happens a lot in this industry. It’s like you are smooth sailing and then you can’t breathe,” she says

“‘Low Blow’ kind of dramatises the way the industry is, but I’m really happy with how it turned out, because there’s a lot of people who can relate, whether they’re in the music industry or not, or whether it’s just a relationship.”

CXLOE’s breakthrough crossover smash ‘Show You’ amassed almost 13 million streams and appeared on over 28 New Music Friday playlists on Spotify, with support from triple j and commercials radio. But the self-confessed “control freak” remains without a label and hopes that DSPs and radio will continue to champion her.

“It’s funny with the climate at the moment within the music industry and streaming. It’s very self-sufficient, you can get away with running your own business, you can upload your music to Spotify and Apple and all of that, and everything’s all online.

“I think I would be worse off if I didn’t have the control. But I also kinda feels like there’s a point in your career where you will benefit from a label.”

CXLOE remains on the market, but only “if it’s the right team, the right people, and they’re passionate”, which she admits is “super hard to find”.

“I won’t settle until I find that,” she says defiantly.

‘Low Blow’ arrives at radio and digital retailers today and CXLOE will play two headline shows next week to celebrate the releases (and tease new music). First in Sydney at Oxford Art Factory on May 16 and then at Howler in Melbourne on May 17. Tickets are on sale now.

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