TMN Tastemakers April 4, 2019

TMN Tastemakers: Beats 1 DJ Matt Wilkinson shares a track, album & playlist you need to stream

TMN Tastemakers: Beats 1 DJ Matt Wilkinson shares a track, album & playlist you need to stream

Welcome to , a new feature column where industry influencers – from suits to stars – share what they’re listening to right now.

Each tastemaker will spotlight a track, album and playlist.

First up is Apple Music’s Beats 1 presenter Matt Wilkinson, a broadcaster and music journalist who was there at the start to help break Tame Impala, Haim, The xx and many others.

He’s interviewed some of the biggest names in music. Amy Winehouse, The Rolling Stones and Arctic Monkeys among them – but what continues to excite Wilkinson most is the shock of the new: shining a light on incredible underground artists before they get big.

You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Track: Amyl & The Sniffers – Monsoon Rock

The best thing about Amyl is the lack of egos on show. How rare is that?! Hanging out with them is always an absolute blast. They’re really down to earth, and also proper music fans who know the power of cultivating a sense of community among people.

I first saw them at BigSound in 2017 and they were just as good then. I’m so pleased they’re connecting in Europe and North America now too!

Playlist: The Evolution Of Black Music (Apple Music R&B)

I just interviewed the wonderful Mavis Staples for my show and she was telling me about Mahalia Jackson’s I Will Move On Up A Little Higher, which I later found on this playlist.

It’s a brilliantly curated and fairly in-depth look into the history of black music, with few names I wasn’t too familiar with (Scott ‘king of ragtime’ Joplin and Joe Liggins among them) sitting alongside a bunch of out and out classics.

Album: Nilufer Yanya – Miss Universe

I first heard Nilufer covering Hey by Pixies, in such a different way that it really made my jaw drop. Her voice reminded me of Neneh Cherry – it’s powerful and vulnerable – and there was a really British-innocence about her which I thought would definitely connect with people.

Cut forward a few years and we have Miss Universe, which is a great body of work. It’s quite an emotional listen in places, but that honesty is what Nilufer is so good at. People relate, I think.

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