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The Hottest 100 Australian Managers of 2023

The Hottest 100 Australian Managers of 2023
L-R: Elise Naismith, Matt Emsell, Andrew Stone

The results of this year’s triple j Hottest 100 were announced over the weekend, with US rapper Doja Cat triumphing thanks to her viral hit, “Paint the Town Red”.

From Dom Dolla to G Flip, Pacific Avenue to Peach PRC, Australian artists also fared well on the countdown. They’ve likely spent the past few days revelling in their success – it may be a period of change and uncertainty for triple j, but getting on the Hottest 100 still means a hell of a lot.

But enough about the artists: what about the unsung heroes, their managers? Just as in previous years, The Music Network has compiled a list of the hard-working managers behind the Hottest 100-charting artists, ranking them in terms of how well their artists perform.

To do this, we’ve given each manager a number based on how well their artists charted in the countdown. For example, a #1 position in the Hottest 100 would give a manager 100 points, #2 would give 99 points, and so on. The more charting entries, the better.

And while female artists such as the aforementioned Peach PRC and Doja Cat fared well in the main Hottest 100 countdown, it wasn’t the same story for managers: this is the worst year for female representation since TMN started publishing our annual Hottest 100 managers data.

Check out the full list below.

1) Harry White/Future Classic (5 songs with G Flip) – 438

2) James Fava/Intergalactic Fantastic Worldwide (2 songs with Dom Dolla) – 278

3) Andrew Stone/Chugg Music (2 songs with Lime Cordiale, 3 with Teenage Dads) – 195

4) Brett Fischer/AYITA (2 songs with FISHER) – 165

AYITA's Brett Fischer

5) Steve de Wilde/UNIFIED Music Group (3 songs with The Rions) – 154

Steve de wilde

6) Paul Paoliello/Haiku Entertainment (3 songs with Peach PRC) – 91

7) Elise Naismith/Lemon Tree Music (1 song with Kita Alexander) – 87

8) Regan Lethbridge (Right) & David Morgan (Left)/Lemon Tree Music (1 song with Budjerah) – 82

Lemon Tree Music

9) Kieran Lama/Anybody Management (1 song with Spacey Jane) – 81

Spacey Jane drummer Kieran Lama

10) Dylan Liddy/Blue Max Music (1 song with Hilltop Hoods) – 64

11) Andrew Klippel/OURNESS (2 songs with Genesis Owusu, 1 with Royal Otis) – 61

Andrew Klippel

12) Daniel Radburn/Rad Music Mgmt (1 song with Hockey Dad) – 56

Hockey Dad manager Daniel Radburn

13) Thomas Granger/FRNDS MGMT (2 songs with Pacific Avenue) – 51

14) Ash Hills & Sarah McMillan (1 song with Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers) – 49

Ash Hills

Ash Hills

Sarah McMillan

15) Stuart & Roy Kellaway (pictured) (1 song with King Stingray) – 48

16) Heath Bradby/Fidelity Corporation (1 song with Thelma Plum) – 46

17) Ben Dennis (Right) & Jon Hanlon (Left)/Myriad Management (1 song with Peking Duk) – 37

18) Sam Ford/Tone City Recordings (1 song with DICE) – 29

19) Nate Flagrant/Flagrant Artist Management (1 song with Ruel) – 24

Nate Flagrant

20) Stu McCullough/Amplifire Music (1 song with The Jungle Giants) – 17

21) Graham Nixon/Resist Records (1 song with Polaris) – 11

Graham Nixon

22) Hugh Cruickshank/moretocome (1 song with The Terrys) – 8

Hugh Cruickshank

23) Christian Lo Russo (Left) & Matt Emsell (Right)/Arcadia Music Company (1 song with MAY-A) – 7

*Christian Lo Russo and Matt Emsell no longer represent or manage MAY-A

24) Adam Booth/Calibre Music Mgmt. (1 song with Chillinit) – 5

Adam Booth, EMI Music

Adam Booth

25) Dave Batty/Custom-Made Artist Representation (1 song with Slowly Slowly) – 2


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