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Sync Watch November 29, 2019

Sync Watch: Harts jams out on new Fender campaign

Sync Watch: Harts jams out on new Fender campaign

Melbourne guitar lord Harts has nailed another great sync, tapped for a global campaign around Fender’s new American Ultra range.

The commercial sees Harts jamming out on a brand new American Ultra Stratocaster, showing off his incredible chops as a way to showcase the capabilities of the guitar.

The Aussie tests pedals, plays around with the pickup, and more, getting a whole swathe of different tones and timbres out of the axe.

It’s a dead set match made in heaven, with Fender having nailed the talent selection for one of their most progressive guitar ranges released to date.

The sync is the second Harts has nailed in quick time, after his version of the ‘70s hit ‘You Gotta Get Up and Dance’ was picked up as the theme song for cricket’s ICC T20 World Cup.

Harts is also set to take his Harts Plays Hendrix tribute tour on a national tour in 2020.

Artist: Harts
Track: ‘Millionaires (Instrumental)’
Writers: Hart, Darren
Brand: Fender
Label: Marshmallow Pavement Records
Publisher: Embassy

Watch the TVC below:

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