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Sync Watch February 10, 2022

Sync Watch: The Superjesus’ Sarah McLeod g-g-good to the bone with ME Bank

Sync Watch: The Superjesus’ Sarah McLeod g-g-good to the bone with ME Bank

Image: Sarah McLeod (by Nix Cartel/Supplied)

ME Bank’s new national campaign celebrating 25 years of ‘Making money good’ for Australians features a reworking of the George Thorogood And The Destroyers rock classic ‘Bad To The Bone’.

For this campaign, which will run on TV, radio, outdoor, digital and social media, it has been reworked to ‘Good To The Bone’.

The reworked track is performed by Sarah McLeod of The Superjesus, someone who knows a thing about guitar riffs and swagger.

The campaign was developed by ME’s in-house agency The Inside Job with agency Thinkerbell.

McLeod has turned down quite a few jingles, but she embraced this project immediately when she heard ‘Bad To The Bone’ was involved.

“They sent me the backing track and asked me to give them three different vocals,” McLeod told TMN.

“So they gave me one with my normal ‘rock’ voice, one low and dirty like George Thorogood which was my favourite but which they didn’t want, and a high-pitched baby voice.”

The brief was simple: “have fun with it”.

Working on the track in her home studio in Brisbane, McLeod watched the ad on a video screen and took on the role of the main logo which sports rock-star shades.

The ad continues ME Bank’s public commitment to supporting Australian music and musicians.

McLeod applauds the policy.

“It was really cool they approached an Australian artist.

“Not enough companies think to use Australian voices.

“There are so many great voices here, why not keep it in the country?

“It was also good they used a rock singer, not a session singer.”

Working on the ad was also a cool experience, she said.

“They were young, easy-going, really easy to work with, and very encouraging.”

It briefly gave the singer the impetus to do another jingle.

One of her new songs just happened to mention an iconic Australian snack, so she sent it off to the company suggesting its use in a campaign.

Alas they turned it down.

“I was devastated because it was one of the favourites of my songs,” she laughed.

In between writing songs for her next solo and Superjesus records, McLeod revives her award-winning Fringe show with friends called The 27 Club based on rock stars who died aged 27.

After that there is a tour with Jon Stevens, and then a project still to be confirmed.


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