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News August 5, 2021

Qsic joins Aussie music push, creating local playlist for stores including 7-Eleven

Qsic joins Aussie music push, creating local playlist for stores including 7-Eleven

Commercial music streaming platform Qsic is launching an initiative to put local artists on high rotation across the country via a curated playlist of Australian music.

The Australian-owned service, which offers licensed music streaming to commercial businesses like gyms, eateries and retail stores, will play the 16-hour playlist across many of its customers’ stores. Qsic boasts 70+ customers with over 2,000 physical locations nationwide.

The playlist will replace the service’s regular programming in customers’ timeslots, with some exceptions made depending on brand identity.

Among the corporate frontrunners leading the initiative is 7-Eleven, which began streaming the playlist in over 700 stores nationally from August 1 in order to support local artists.

Qsic’s initiative arrives in the wake of Jack River’s viral callout for brands to do more to support Australian music, sparking a campaign to see local artists put on high rotation across the country.

Both UNIFIED Music Group and the Mushroom Group, who also represent River, were involved in spearheading the initiative, but it is available to all local labels looking for more airtime.

UNIFIED’s CEO, Jaddan Comerford, said that the initiative was a simple way for brands to support Australia’s embattled creative sector, highlighting the role of the community in pushing for change within the corporate sector.

“Despite not being able to see their favourite musicians in person, there is a huge appetite to support the sector. To see the community rallying behind Jack River and the industry is deeply encouraging,” Comerford said.

“Now is the time to stop, think and make the changes that will help this industry get back on its feet in the long term. We’ve worked closely with Qsic for a while and know they’re genuinely intent on helping however they can. This initiative is a wonderful start that’s warmly received by all of us here at UNIFIED.”

Qsic CEO, Matt Esley, said that the company’s curation team, which includes Temper Trap guitarist Lorenzo Sillitto, was more than eager to use their platform to assist in helping the Australian music industry recover.

“We were already in discussions before Jack River’s callout to do more to support the local scene, so it’s exciting to announce this initiative knowing the impact it will make,”Esley said.

“We’re in a unique position of influence to actively help Australia’s most prominent retail and hospitality businesses play a bigger part in assisting the industry recover. We’re now deep in rallying mode to bring our business partners onboard and are already receiving great support.”

Days ago, Coles also announced that it would ramp up its commitment to playing local artists on Coles Radio, while a petition calling for big businesses to play Australian artists instead of ‘annoying on hold tunes’ has now reached over 1,500 signatures.

Licensing platform Melodie has also launched its own #LicenseLocally campaign.


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