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News July 29, 2021

Calls mount for TV networks & brands to do more for Aussie music

Editorial Operations Manager
Calls mount for TV networks & brands to do more for Aussie music

The Australian recorded and live music sector is putting increased pressure on television networks and brands to more visibly support local music artists.

The movement has a particular focus on Channel 7, which is currently broadcasting the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but also calls on big brands and advertisers to do more.

In an open letter on social media, Holly Rankin, who performs as Jack River, said the industry needs corporate support now more than ever.

“Dear Channel 7 and Corporate Aus,

How great would it be if you played all Australian music in your coverage of the Olympics? These are Australian moments, they deserve Australian music.

“And while we’re here, how good would it be to hear Aussie music in Coles, Woolies, Aldi, in banks, on hold, in stores and on ads being shown to Australians for the next few months?!

“We need you now more than ever.

“We want be your soundtrack.

“In solidarity,

“Jack River”

River also provided an insigned image, so fellow musicians and supporters of the movement could sign their names and share the letter.

She tagged the likes ofd Sportsbet, Optus and Telstra – all big television advertisers – in the post, as well as media personalities Karl Stefanovic, Brooke Boney, Lisa Wilkinson and Carrie Bickmore.

Channels 7 and 9, as well as the AFL and NRL, were also tagged.

Just this morning, Channel 7 journalist Edwina Bartholomew responded saying the network had heard the calls, and would be beefing up its Aussie music playlist on this afternoon’s Olympic broadcast.

She encouraged people to submit their requests online.

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