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News August 5, 2021

Melodie launches #LicenseLocally campaign to push for more Aussie music in local content

Editorial Operations Manager
Melodie launches #LicenseLocally campaign to push for more Aussie music in local content

Australian licensing platform Melodie wants more Australian content producers to utilise local music.

The push is branded #LicenseLocally and comes off the back of Jack River’s social media campaign calling for big businesses and media outlets to more visibly support local musicians and their work.

Melodie currently licenses music for more than 50 Australian artists, and said every Australian brand and company should be making a conscious decision to support the local industry as it remains on its knees due to COVID and the associated lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Melodie’s managing director, Evan Buist, said part of the challenge is educating Australian content producers on where to find genuinely Australian-made tunes.

“We’ve been licensing Australian music to broadcast media businesses for years. Those who know our story love the fact that we’re creating real opportunities for local artists. But in fairness, most businesses simply don’t realise they’re not shopping locally,” he said.

Melodie said, quite simply, it’s time to do right by Australian artists.

Melodie is the latest corporation to move in response to River’s rallying cry, with Coles already committing to playing more music in its stores via its #1 DAB+ station Coles Radio.

Entertainment publicist Karen Eck also launched a petition calling on big businesses to prioritise Australian songs when they are placing consumers on hold.

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