June 18, 2019

Chris Murphy on first Petrol Records signing in three years

Chris Murphy on first Petrol Records signing in three years
Image: Teen siblings The Buckleys. (Supplied).

Petrol Records, the label founded by INXS creative director Christopher M. Murphy, has signed Byron Bay teen trio The Buckleys.

They are the label’s first signing since Universal Music Group acquired a 50% stake of the label in 2016.

The Buckleys’ debut song ‘Daydream’ was produced by Chad Carlson, an engineer for Taylor Swift’s first four albums.

The accompanying video was directed by actor, Brenton Thwaites (Pirates of the Caribbean, Maleficent, DC Titans, Gods of Egypt). Thwaites also features in the clip.

“Like INXS, The Buckleys are primed for global success,” Murphy tells TMN.

“Any project I get involved in, whether an act or product, has to be an international project.

“From the start, you’re priming them for the international market. I wouldn’t be involved just for the Australian market.

“Now whether they’ll go to the international market in three months’ time, six months’ time, or nine months time, is irrelevant.

“It’s when the time is right.”

Murphy says that he’s never chased an act – including INXS – in his life, and that they have come to him, usually by chance.

In the case of The Buckleys, an Australian country music executive visited Murphy at his farm in NSW to pitch the idea of Petrol setting up a country music division to find and develop cool country crossover acts.

Murphy was involved in the INXS musical and X museum building, but asked the executive to send him some info on Australia acts who could fit into that category.

Of the 15 acts pitched to him, one immediately stood out.

The Buckleys consist of 19-year old Sarah Grace Buckley (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), 18-year-old Lachlan (electric, slide guitar) and 16-year old Molly (vocals, mandolin).

At 14, Sarah was enrolled in the Australian Academy of Country Music in Tamworth.

The siblings have also spent much time in the US, playing festivals and venues.

Says Murphy, “Sarah has written 200 songs and 70 co-writes in Nashville.

“Sarah has the same vibe that Michael Hutchence had when I met him at 19.

“They have a warmth in their eye, and ambition in their soul.

“They’re fidgety, all the time, even when you talk to them

“They want it, let’s get on the horse, let’s ride, Doesn’t matter if the horse is broken in or not, let’s just ride.

“Sarah’s a star. A Nashville executive who recently rang me to say she’d also wanted to sign The Buckleys, said, That Sarah Buckley, she reminds me of a young Sheryl Crow.”

With iTunes alone, Petrol has achieved over 180 #1’s, more than 700 Top 10, and more than 1,600 Top 100 positions.