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News October 27, 2015

Megan Washington signs management to Chugg Music

Megan Washington, one of the buzz names of this week after her appearance on ABC-TV’s Australian Story on Monday, has confirmed she has new management.

She has signed with Chugg Music, with the Sydney-based company’s Andrew Stone as her personal manager. It comes full cycle: Stone used to play keyboards in Washington’s band back in his Brisbane days and has known her for 15 years.

Washington, whose 2010 debut I Believe You Liar went Platinum, split from Troy Barrott’s Hub Artist Service in May.

The management switch comes at a time when Washington gets ready to promote her next album There There, which is released on September 12 through Universal Music. The success of the Australian Story feature now becomes the unofficial kick-off for the album campaign. It drew 787,000 viewers and trended at #2 on Twitter. Pre-orders for the album shot up by 94%, according to Universal, pushing it to #12 on iTunes.

Washington will play Australia between August 19 and 30, but she might head to the UK to do some showcases before then. She’s returning to London after scoring two tickets to her idol Kate Bush’s first show in 20 years, on September 17, so they’ll squeeze some more live UK dates in then.

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