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New Signings April 5, 2019

Golden Robot signs US hard rock supergroup Hookers & Blow

Golden Robot signs US hard rock supergroup Hookers & Blow

Australian label Golden Robot Records has signed a recording and merchandising deal with hard rock supergroup Hookers & Blow.

It was formed by longtime Guns ’n’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed and Quiet Riot guitarist Alex Grossi.

The current lineup includes Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Danzig), Robbie Crane (Black Star Riders) and Nadja Reed.

“We have been asked for years about putting out an actual recording since we started this thing in 2003,” says Grossi.

“It never really made sense until now, as we have actually found the perfect record label in Golden Robot Records that actually gets ‘it’ as far as what Hookers & Blow is all about.”

Mark Alexander-Erber, Golden Robot Entertainment Group founder and president comments, “Having worked with Dizzy already on his debut solo album and also working with Alex with his new project, I felt the synergy immediately with H&B.

“It’s all about great rock n roll and a killer night out, it almost harks back to the energy and times on the Sunset Strip in the mid-80s.

“It’s that cool, so how could we not be involved!

“I’m very excited for their debut album full of classics, this one is going to be a lot fun and a real pleasure to be involved with.”


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