New Signings March 25, 2019

Elefant Traks signs Coda Conduct: “It’s a label with an ethos we back…”

Elefant Traks signs Coda Conduct: “It’s a label with an ethos we back…”

signed Coda Conduct, with a new single out this week.

Originally from Canberra and now residents of Sydney, the witty and cheeky electro-hip hop duo Sally and Erica met when travelling with mutual friends through India.

They also present regularly on with their own show on FBi. Sophie does poetry slams and Coda Conduct’s first gig was at a poetry reading.

Erica plays harmonica and guitar and Sophie plays the piano.

Elefant Traks label manager details: “I’ve been following Coda Conduct for years.

“I love the way they contribute to the community around them, I love the wit and intelligence that goes into their performances and radio shows.

“Most of all the dynamic between Erica and Sally is utterly unique –  it’s impossible to manufacture that.

“We look for artists that will stand as equals with our incredible and diverse roster. Coda do that.

“We signed them because their songcraft has gone to a new level. I’m very confident about where they’re at and super excited about where they’re going to go.”

Coda Conduct said: “We’ve been fans of Elefant Traks since we were kids walking home from school with new headphones and 500mb mp3 players.

“It’s a label with an ethos we back, people we love and artists we find super inspiring, so we’re so stoked to be joining the fam!”

The Elefant Traks roster includes Hermitude, The Herd, OKENYO, B Wise, Horrorshow and L-FRESH The LION.

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