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News March 13, 2020

TMN’s Aussie airplay charts to be published each Saturday

TMN’s Aussie airplay charts to be published each Saturday

Australia’s official airplay charts will fall in line with the ARIA’s charts from today, and will now be published by The Music Network each Saturday. Sign up here to receive our charts blast newsletter.

The TMN Hot 100, Country Hot 50 and other local airplay charts are published each week using data provided by music monitoring platform Radio Monitor.

TMN’s charts will now go live each Saturday at 5pm, the same time that the official ARIA Charts are published. The change allows for more time to collate and fact check the data.

The latest changes follow the move to Radio Monitor as TMN’s charts data partner in late 2019, with Radio Monitor’s coverage of over 200 stations across the country generating the most accurate airplay charts Australia has seen.

The following charts will now be published each weekend, with issue #1280 out tomorrow (Saturday, March 14):

TMN Hot 100 Airplay Chart 

Australia’s most comprehensive airplay chart, taking into account weighted spins from commercial, community, and digital radio stations from across the country. The TMN Hot 100 has been published for over two decades, providing the industry with accurate and important insight into the most popular songs on Australian radio.

Australian Airplay Chart 

Taking into account all the contributors to the Hot 100, the Australian Airplay Chart filters out all international acts, the Australian Airplay Chart gives the industry a screenshot of the best-performing local acts each week at radio.

Country Hot 50 Airplay Chart

The Australian country airplay chart got a refresh last year, with double the number of contributors now monitored. The Country Hot 50 takes into account spins from KIX Country, 98.9 FM, Triple M Country, iHeartCountry, ABC Country, Today’s Country 94One, Big Country Radio, The Wolf Country Radio, Australian Country Radio and the Hot Country Network, making it the most comprehensive country airplay chart in the history of Australian radio.

Triple J Airplay Chart

A unique proposition, there is simply no other station like triple j. Accordingly, TMN publishes the public broadcaster’s Top 50 songs each week, and it often acts as a tip sheet for acts who are ready to break commercial radio.

National Indigenous Airplay Chart

The Top 10 performing tracks at Aussie radio by Indigenous Australian artists. The chart is the result of a partnership between the National Indigenous Music Awards and SGC Media.

Community Airplay Chart

Community radio is another place that many rising acts get their break before making the leap to triple j or commercial radio. Accordingly, TMN publishes the Top 50 best performing tracks across all Australian community radio each week.


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