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New Music March 23, 2020

TMN back local artists with first-ever Aussie & NZ Singles To Radio

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TMN back local artists with first-ever Aussie & NZ Singles To Radio

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to threaten the livelihood of Australian musicians, many around the industry are banding together and uniting in the face of adversity.

Live-streamed music festivals, charity appeals, and more are taking place, and now The Music Network is throwing its support behind Aussie acts doing it tough.

For the first time, TMN’s Singles To Radio this week exclusively features ANZ acts only.

Singles To Radio has existed as a tip-sheet for Aussie radio programmers for well over a decade, with TMN writers picking the new singles most likely to break onto playlists.

As the industry and musicians call on radio stations to up their quota of local music, TMN has decided to feature local acts only on the chart this week.

From household names like Tones And I, FISHER, The Avalanches and Violent Soho, to emerging acts like Hartley, SACHII (NZ), Tuka and San Mei, there’s plenty for music for programmers to choose from this week.

Last week European and British radio stations, including Nova in Australia, announced they would band together to play ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ as a “sign of unity”.

But as TMN and Radio Today publisher & editor Jake Challenor pointed out, the move could be considered “tone deaf” as thousands of Aussie acts lose their primary source if income.

He called on local radio stations to “spare a thought for, or even better, play a song from, your favourite Aussie act who will struggle or fail to make rent next week.”

Check out TMN’s Singles To Radio for this week.


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