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News October 12, 2021

‘Distressing and disheartening’: APRA AMCOS issues statement on Sony Music

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‘Distressing and disheartening’: APRA AMCOS issues statement on Sony Music

APRA AMCOS has issued a statement this afternoon in response to last night’s Four Corners episode which tackled the rise and fall of long-serving former Sony Music CEO Denis Handlin.

The statement doesn’t mention Handlin by name, however notes that the episode was “distressing and disheartening viewing”.

The organisation also used the statement as an opportunity to outline some initiatives it is working on in the equality and harm prevention space.

“APRA AMCOS wants to be part of a music industry that upholds a high level of professional respect, conduct and integrity, and does not condone any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying,” the statement said.

“We recognise and accept there’s still much more work to do in this space.”

The organisation – which represents songwriters, composers and music publishers – said doing work in this arena had never been more urgent or necessary.

“Bullying and sexual harassment in the music industry is not inevitable, it is not acceptable. It is preventable and APRA AMCOS is committed to working with our industry so that we can collectively bring about this shift in culture,” it said.

APRA AMCOS noted it had recently committed to an Equity Action Plan which speaks to its desire to have a safer, more inclusive and more respectful music industry.

In addition, it is undertaking a review of its Sexual Harassment & Harm Prevention Framework to ensure anyone associated with APRA AMCOS, including award recipients, respect others, and act lawfully, safely and responsibly.

It noted: “Allegations such as those made in Four Corners last night are being considered seriously as part of this review.”

APRA AMCOS awarded Handlin the Ted Albert Award for Outstanding Services to Australian Music in 2009. Today’s statement did not mention the award or if Handlin would retain it.

This afternoon, QMusic stripped Handlin of his special Honorary Award from 2020, saying it could not allow the celebration of his career to stand.

You can watch the full Four Corners episode below:

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