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News April 12, 2021

Tony Glover sacked by Sony Music Australia over allegations of inappropriate behaviour

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Tony Glover sacked by Sony Music Australia over allegations of inappropriate behaviour

Image: Tony Glover (left), Denis Handlin & Gavin Parry at a Spotify launch event in 2012 (Source: Facebook) 

Senior Sony Music Australia executive Tony Glover has been let go following an investigation into his behaviour.

“Upon receiving complaints of alleged inappropriate behaviour, a Senior Counsel was immediately engaged to independently investigate the allegations. Following completion of the investigation, the company acted on the findings. Sony Music Australia can confirm that Tony Glover has been dismissed with immediate effect,” a spokesperson from the organisation told TMN in a statement.

Glover denies the allegations.

Glover had been with the organisation since 2004 when BMG and Sony Music merged. He reported directly to CEO Denis Handlin in his most recent position of vice president of commercial music.

The story of Glover’s sacking first broke in Nine’s newspapers over the weekend, and included allegations of bullying, inappropriate touching and harassment.

Glover told the publication he was shocked by the outcome.

“There’s me and there’s the complainants and I guess the amount of complainants outweighed my word,” he said.

“I had never been sanctioned before, [the investigation] was a complete surprise. I think I am a decent person, a loyal person.”

The move by Sony Music Australia to oust Glover is seen as part of a wider push to clean up the industry which is riddled by inequality, harassment and assault. Much of the spotlight on problematic behaviours has been driven by the Beneath The Glass Ceiling Instagram page, which shares anonymous stories of people’s poor experiences working in the music industry.


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