News September 22, 2020

Music discovery a significant pull for TikTok’s young audience

Music discovery a significant pull for TikTok’s young audience

Apps like are an increasingly pervasive part of the music industry, with new data revealing that music videos make up a significant share of the content consumed by young people.

Indeed, almost half (48%) of TikTok and rival Triller’s Gen Z audience watch music videos or videos including music artists while using the two apps.

The data comes from a new US Music 360 report by MRC Data/Nielsen Music, which took place between June 8 and July 6 this year.

The report also found that 52% of Gen Z (aged 13-23) use such platforms in a typical month.

TikTok recently secured the exclusive premiere of the latest team-up by Aussie singer-songwriter Sia and French producer David Guetta titled ‘Let’s Love’ ahead of other streaming services.

Earlier in 2020 TMN noted a rise in viral TikTok artists impacting the Aussie airplay charts, including the TMN Hot 100, and spoke with programmers from around Australia about how the platform has changed their music strategy.

“We’re across the trending TikTok songs and each song is ultimately judged on the sound and fit for our stations,” Australian Radio Network’s Brad McNicol told TMN in May.

“We work with the labels every day on songs that are suitable for the KIIS audience.”

TikTok’s rapid expansion into Australia over recent months includes the appointment of key staff such as ex-triple j CD Ollie Wards as head of music, and ex-MTV boss Simon Bates as director of content programming.

TikTok also tapped local artists Baker Boy, Dallas Woods and Sampa The Great to soundtrack its first Australian TVC campaign this week.

While TikTok shows no signs of slowing down in Australia, the impact of a potential ban from app stores in the US has been a sticking point in recent weeks and months.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to ban the platform on national security grounds. Subsequently Oracle has invested in the company, which could seed a spin-off company, known as TikTok Global launched.

The success of TikTok, and now Triller’s use of short-form videos hasn’t gone unnoticed by other platforms, with YouTube recently joining the party care of YouTube Shorts.

Its launch follows Instagram’s August move to add Instagram Reels to its platform.

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