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TMN Tinnies February 1, 2018

Five things you won’t see at the TMN Tinnies

Five things you won’t see at the TMN Tinnies

Awards nights aren’t everyone’s cup of tea – which is exactly why TMN has chosen to flip the idea on its head. The TMN Tinnies are on tomorrow, and we’ll be celebratingthe best in themusic business in a very informal way.

The awards are serious, but we’re not taking it too seriously. So here are five things you WON’T see at the TMN Tinnies tomorrow.

No tables, no problems!

You know when you go to an industry awards night and you don’t know which table you’re going to get stuck at? Well, we’ve eliminated that level of awkwardness entirely. No stuffy seating arrangements and no formal dining etiquette required at the TMN Tinnies – just milling about and enjoying some delicious finger food and cold beers provided by Coors.

Long acceptance speeches

Nothing drags out an awards ceremony more than a long-winded list of names to thank from the winners. Things will be short and sharp at the TMN Tinnies – we’re here for a good time, not a long time!

Bad photos

Kicking things off in the afternoon means that there isn’t as much time to end up looking like a hot mess in photos. Plus a rooftop location means one of the most important things for the best photos – natural sunlight.

That Cinderella feeling

You won’t be watching the hours tick over past midnight, waiting for the chance to leave. We know that you’ve probably got plans for Friday night anyway – plus it’s a school day – so that’s why we’re blitzing through the award categories in just under one hour!

The same ol’ winners

It’s hard to get excited when the same names winyear after year. For many of tomorrow’s recipients, it will be the first timethey’ll be recognisedfor their hard work. The TMN Tinnies is the first of its kind in the music industry, giving those who work behind the scenes a chance to have their moment in the spotlight.

Sure, we’re starting small, but we plan to grow the TMN Tinniesmore every year until those working in every corner of the business getsthe recognition they deserve.


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