News November 30, 2020

Kate Gudinski and Sophie Panton launch new lifestyle podcast

Kate Gudinski and Sophie Panton launch new lifestyle podcast
Image: Kate Gudinski and Sophie Panton of the 'Talking In Common' podcast

Mushroom Group has announced the launch of a new podcast, Talking In Common, which touches on lifestyle, motherhood, family and culture, among other topics.

The series is hosted by long-time friends Kate Gudinski and Sophie Panton, with the first three instalments released today. The first season, comprising 12 episodes, will feature musical guests Clare Bowditch, Missy Higgins and Mahalia Barnes.

“Chatting with Kate and Sophie felt like a yarn between old friends. I think when you’re a creative and also a mother, there’s something that eternally bonds you with women who are in that same experience,” Missy Higgins said in a statement.

Other topics tackled on the podcast including balancing your career while caring for kids, maintaining a community in early parenthood, harnessing anxiety and creativity, and testing positive for COVID-19 with a baby.

All episodes of the podcast will be translated into Auslan thanks to arts interpreting organisation Auslan Stage Left. Videos of the translated podcast transcripts are hosted online for the Deaf community to view.

“It’s really important to us that the community we’re creating is all-inclusive. There’s something very unifying about becoming a mother or parent, and Kate and I feel everyone should have the opportunity to share and learn along with us,” Sophie Panton said.

“Our most recent bonding experience, motherhood has deepened our friendship and also opened our hearts and minds to want to learn, share and discover more of what this experience has to offer.”

New episodes of Talking In Common will be released weekly from December 7 until February 1 next year.

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