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New Signings September 24, 2021

Club Sweat signs Taleena

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Club Sweat signs Taleena

Gold Coast producer Taleena has signed with record label Club Sweat.

The news coincides with the release of her tech-house anthem ‘Drip’.

The artist said she’s stoked to sign with Club Sweat.

“Music has always been my passion and being signed to a record label is something I could only dream of, so I am super grateful to be apart of Sweat amongst some pure talent and gems that I call family. Keen to see where this journey takes us all,” she said.

“Can’t wait for this journey of tunes, times and towels cause the drip be sweaty as f,” she added.

Club Sweat said Taleena is quickly becoming one of the most promising producers on the Australian house and techno scene.

“Very proud to welcome Taleena in the club sweat fam, a tastemaker like no other with an arsenal of new music to unleash, ya’ll better be ready,” Club Sweat’s Danny T said.

The new song, the label said, puts everyone on “dancefloor notice”.

Taleena said ‘Drip’ is all about being in charge.

“You feel the power when you hear this tech-house, dance-floor assault, you feel in control. You want to take back your power. Nobody can stop you. Nobody can stop the demon that’s inside of you that wants to be bad – or maybe it’s coming out to do good? It’s your choice, it’s your power. You decide who the nemesis is but always remember you make the rules, you lead the way, never be scared and always stay two steps ahead,” she said.


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