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Chart Analysis December 3, 2021

Album of bird chirps is hoping to topple Adele on the ARIA Charts

Album of bird chirps is hoping to topple Adele on the ARIA Charts

An album featuring chirps from 53 of Australia’s most threatened bird species could make a record-breaking appearance on the ARIA Albums Chart next Friday.

The album, Songs of Disappearance, is out today and its creator BirdLife Australia said it already has more than 1,500 pre-orders from passionate Australian bird lovers.

Those numbers, along with first-week sales, might not be enough to move Adele to #2 but it is a very real contender for a spot inside the coveted Top 10 next week.

Songs of Disappearance was compiled in conjunction with The Bowerbird Collective and features recordings by renowned wildlife documenters David Stewart and Nature Sound.

BirdLife Australia CEO Paul Sullivan said the album features some rare recordings.

“This album is a very special record with some rare recordings of birds that may not survive if we don’t come together to protect them,” Sullivan said.

“While this campaign is fun, there’s a serious side to what we’re doing, and it’s been heartening to see bird enthusiasts showing governments and businesses that Australians care about these important birds.”

According to a new report from BirdLife Australia, over 50 of Australia’s most beloved birds are facing extinction due to a lack of policy support and rampant climate change.

Songs of Disappearance is available now from The Bowerbird Collective.


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