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News April 19, 2022

OneMusic Taps Mango As PR Agency Before Awareness Campaign

OneMusic Taps Mango As PR Agency Before Awareness Campaign

OneMusic has named Mango Communications as its PR agency of record in Australia and New Zealand before embarking on an awareness campaign.

A joint initiative between APRA AMCOS and PPCA (Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Ltd) since 2019, OneMusic facilitates licences to businesses for the commercial use of millions of copyright-protected songs in return for royalties.

Its one-stop licence gateway covers all its works, sound recordings and music videos.

Mango will launch a campaign in both countries to increase awareness for businesses to undertake their legal obligation to pay royalties for the music played in commercial spaces.

OneMusic Australia director Catherine Giuliano said Mango Communications had highlighted in its strategic plan how OneMusic could drive positive behavioural change through education and engagement.

“We’re excited to kick start an always-on publicity, influencer and advertorial campaign not undertaken on this scale in our near-100 year history,” Giuliano said.

Mango Communications’ Sydney managing director Tabitha Fairbairn added: “This is a fascinating space and a challenging communications brief that requires strategic thinking, creativity and commitment to supporting the arts.”

Other Mango Communications clients include ARN’s Cada, Bendon Lingerie, Ikea Australia, New Balance and Tourism NT.

OneMusic offers over 20 music licences for featured music, live music or background music – or a combination of all three.

The businesses cover a wide cross-section, including nightclubs, restaurants, gyms, tourist parks and cruises, cinemas, dance schools, retailers, galleries, zoos, funeral directors, bowling alleys, film screenings, factories, schools, sports events, buses, offices and karaoke bars.

During the pandemic, OneMusic provided licence fee relief or credits where businesses – including fitness, hospitality, airlines and cinemas – were forced to close in line with public health measures.

In its 2021 year in review, APRA AMCOS said licence fees across Australia and New Zealand for public performance were two-thirds of pre-pandemic figures.

For instance, concerts and events in ANZ generated $5.1 million in 2020-21, down from $19.6 million the previous year, and just 20.5% of the $24.9 million total in 2018-19.

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