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News March 28, 2022

ARN officially launches CADA, ‘Australia’s home of hip hop and R&B’

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ARN officially launches CADA, ‘Australia’s home of hip hop and R&B’

ARN’s new radio and music platform has been confirmed, replacing the western Sydney radio brand The Edge 96.1.

The new platform will be known as CADA, confirming the news broken by TMN earlier this month.

CADA will launch at 4pm on Thursday, March 31.

And while its predecessor The Edge was a western Sydney-based radio station with a digital presence via DAB+ and the iHeartRadio platform, CADA will be ideated and programmed as a national brand.

ARN previously confirmed to TMN it wouldn’t be programming the platform as a traditional radio station, with CEO Ciaran Davis saying instead it will be focusing on creating content and a brand which connects with its target demographic of 15 to 29-year-olds.

This approach was solidified in today’s announcement, with CADA described as being a platform which “will bring Australians closer to culture by serving up inclusive, exclusive, and up-to-date hip hip and R&B content”.

“CADA will provide a new avenue for both local and international hip hop and R&B artists to showcase their music on a station with national multi-platform reach. Finally, the genre has a local mainstream audio platform dedicated to it – what hip hop and R&B fans and artists in Australia have been missing for a very long time,” ARN’s announcement said.

Music industry veteran, Marty Doyle, who came on board as head of content for the new brand late last year, said music isn’t just a hobby for CADA, it’s an obsession.

“We’re not about just putting songs on the radio but championing artists and their voices, while being on the pulse of exactly what’s worthwhile in music,” he said.

“Our presenters and talent are filled to the brim with passion for what they do and are actively contributing to culture, building creative communities around their content and bringing those audiences with them to their new home at CADA. CADA will be working closely with them to create multi-platform content that celebrates and amplifies music, people, and culture.”

He also elaborated on the decision to move away from radio programming and concepts of days gone by.

“Radio continues to play a huge role in the audio landscape, but as time and technology change our needs and expectations, it’s critical content producers evolve in sync with those changes, which is why we’re so excited to launch CADA as not just a radio station, but a multi-platform youth brand,” he said.

The new platform also promoted the diversity and varied talents of those getting behind the microphone.

“CADA’s line-up of hosts and creators is as diverse as its audience, with a supreme cast of talent who each bring something unique to the table. From ARIA nominated artists, content creators and DJs, to fashion designers, chefs, and comedians, CADA’s on-air talent includes a mix of new and familiar faces. If you listen to CADA, you’ll never miss a beat again,” ARN said.

The full details of CADA’s talent line-up and programming is below.

Flex & Froomes
Avneesha Martins
Kian Oliver & Yaz Haddad
Marty Smiley & Nat Damena
B Wise
Soju Gang & Dijok Mai
DJ Ziggy
DJ Klasik
Helena Ellis
Andrew Levins
Flex & Froomes, 5-6pm, weekdays
Keeping Up with Avneesha, 3-5pm, weekdays
Kian & Yaz, Breakfast 6-9am, weekdays
B Wise By Your Side, Tuesdays 6-8pm
The Sleep In with Marty & Nat, Weekends 11am-2pm
K-Sera & The Dirty Dozen, Lunch 11.30am-1pm, weekdays and Mondays 6-8pm
PENG with Soju Gang & Dijok Mai, Thursdays 6-8pm
Welcome to The Area with DJ Ziggy, Fridays  6-8pm
Throw It Back with DJ Klasik, Wednesdays  6-8pm
The Hype with Helena Ellis, Weekdays 1-3pm
Double Dip with Andrew Levins,


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