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News July 13, 2021

Melodie partners with Viddyoze for one-off Australian music NFT

Melodie partners with Viddyoze for one-off Australian music NFT

Australian-owned music licensing platform Melodie has united with UK-based video software platform Viddyoze to create a unique audio-visual non-fungible token (NFT).

The NFT makes use of Australian electronic producer and Melodie composer Kylie Couper’s track ‘Le Tigre’, which is paired with a moving graphic from Viddyoze’s head of animation Relja Trajković that prominently features both companies’ logos on either side of a spinning gold coin.

The NFT will also present the owner of the original artwork with unlimited lifetime access to Melodie and Viddyoze’s subscription-based platforms.

Dan Stoner, creative director at Viddyoze, was the catalyst of the original artwork, pitching the idea to both companies.

“Having recently worked with Melodie, I knew how complementary their music was to our video animations. Creating a unique NFT that combined both just made sense to me,” Stoner says.

“I wanted the graphics to stand out and reflect both brands – music and animation. I wanted it to be unlike anything else we have in our respective libraries.”

Melodie’s partnerships manager Selin Gunsur celebrated the collaboration and highlighted the platform’s emphasis on exploring new technologies.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be involved in this one-of-a-kind project, especially in partnership with our friends at Viddyoze,” Gunsur said.

“Together we’ve created something that’s part artwork, part collectible and part lifetime access to two immensely powerful creative products. We’re always looking for new ways to innovate, and sometimes more unconventional ideas like this can have a transforming impact on our industry.

“These are still very early days for NFTs, but what we do know is that the technology presents a number of opportunities to both artists and fans around both monetisation, collectibles and access.

“Our purpose at Melodie is to support a thriving creative community and as technology evolves we’ll keep exploring new ways to do just that.”

Melodie recently announced a distribution and neighbouring rights partnership with fellow licensing platform Songtradr in May, with the company also launching its end-to-end enterprise API tool for creative platforms the month prior.


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