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News April 27, 2021

Melodie launches end-to-end API for creative platforms

Melodie launches end-to-end API for creative platforms

Image: Melodie managing director Evan Buist

Australian music licensing platform Melodie has launched its enterprise API tool in the hopes of streamlining the music selection process for creative platforms.

With the new API, third-party developers can integrate music directly into their platforms, which in turn allows users to search and select music within the platform. This means users will no longer have to leave the third-party platform to select tracks from Melodie’s catalogue.

Music can be searched through a range of criteria, including mood, genre, instrument, tempo and key. API users will also have access to alternate versions of songs, as well as stems. More than 15,000 tracks are able to choose from, with Melodie’s catalogue updated weekly.

Music sourced using the API is also protected from third-party monetisation attempts, copyright notices and takedowns – a common obstacle experienced by users who create content for platforms like YouTube or Twitch. All Melodie tracks are pre-cleared for use across all media platforms around the world.

“This is a game changer for platforms who might have held off integrating a music solution due to the complexity around whitelisting customer social channels, as well as the inherent copyright risk,” Melodie managing director Evan Buist said in a statement.

“The reality is many customers are waiting 24-48 hours to release copyright claims on music they’ve legally licensed and paid for. It’s frustrating for users and is now entirely avoidable by using Melodie.”


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