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News September 10, 2021

Spiderbait’s Kram dedicates song to Guy Sebastian in wake of #VAXTHENATION controversy

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Spiderbait’s Kram dedicates song to Guy Sebastian in wake of #VAXTHENATION controversy

Pictured: Spiderbait with Kram (centre) 

Spiderbait’s drummer and singer Kram called into Christian O’Connell’s radio show this morning in a bid to raise money for women’s shelters.

The call was part of O’Connell’s ‘Who’s Calling Christian?’ competition, which also sees musicians doing unique covers of iconic television theme songs.

Kram whipped out a cover of the Neighbours theme tune, which he then dedicated to the embattled Guy Sebastian.

“That’s the religious hymn version of the Neighbours theme,” Kram told the radio audience after his song was played. “I want to dedicate that to Guy Sebastian, who’s probably feeling the pinch a bit right now. Guy, don’t worry, you’ll make up your mind eventually, mate.

“… I’m also calling on behalf of vaccinations, so I want to dedicate that song to all the other 401 artists and performers like myself who are banding together just to encourage people to get vaccinated. Let’s get back to normal so we can play rock and roll and we can go to shows again.”

Sebastian has been shrouded in controversy in recent days after joining the industry-wide #VAXTHENATION campaign, which saw hundreds of performers and identities from across the industry ramp up their push to get the population vaccinated. Ultimately, the performers say, the increased vaccination numbers will bring people together again and stop the constant interruptions to the live scene.

Sebastian, however, deleted his social post supporting the campaign, and then entered into various back and forths about “personal choices” when it comes to vaccines. While Sebastian himself is double vaccinated, and continues to support the campaign, other performers and commentators, including Ray Hadley, have been critical of his apparent backdown.

‘Who’s Calling Christian?’ involves listeners of The Christian O’Connell Show on GOLD 104.3 compelling a celebrity to dial into the show on their behalf. The ultimate winner will receive $25,000 for themselves and $25,000 for the celebrity’s chosen charity.


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