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News September 7, 2021

‘There is no confusion’: Guy Sebastian clarifies vaccination stance

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‘There is no confusion’: Guy Sebastian clarifies vaccination stance

Guy Sebastian has issued a statement noting he is double vaccinated against COVID-19 and that he absolutely supports initiatives to revive the music industry.

Sebastian is listed alongside hundreds of other performers and industry figures in the new #VAXTHENATION campaign, which encourages people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to stop the constant interruptions to our lives and the live scene.

A post about the campaign, however, was removed from Sebastian’s social pages, with the performer issuing a statement to his followers which caused confusion about his stance on the campaign.

I would never, ever tell people what to do when it comes to their personal health choices,” he said in the video.

TMN understands Sebastian is still supporting the #VAXTHENATION campaign, however took issue with how his social post was worded.

Sebastian has now issued a statement to clarify his position, and why he took the action he did.

“There is no confusion, I made the personal decision to be double vaccinated. I support the music industry initiatives to revive our industry, however, I personally don’t believe it is my place to deal in absolutes to tell people what to do in regards to their personal health choices,” Sebastian said in a statement emailed to TMN. “We need to remember to communicate with empathy and understanding. This has always been my goal.”

The transcript of Sebastian’s full video statement last night, when he removed the #VAXTHENATION post, is below.

Hello, everybody. Just wanted to jump on here just to clear something up. I’m sure that today some of you might have seen an industry call out with the best of intentions for our live music industry, which has been absolutely decimated, trying to find a pathway forward so that we can all assemble together again. 

I’ve always done everything that I can to support my industry, but the campaign was posted to my page without my direct involvement. 

And whilst I, like everybody else in my industry, I want things to get going again, it is not my role to communicate in the way that that post was communicating. I would never, ever tell people what to do when it comes to their personal health choices. I’m very sensitive of it not only on a public level, but even in my personal life, with people who have circumstances that they have to consider when making these choices. 

So I just want to say I’m really sorry. It was not a post that communicated with love or compassion, which I feel is what’s needed when it comes to addressing things like vaccinations.

And so I just wanted to clarify so that I could speak my truth and people knew how I actually feel. So, lots of love.


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