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News September 7, 2021

Backlash begins as Guy Sebastian apologises for #VAXTHENATION post

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Backlash begins as Guy Sebastian apologises for #VAXTHENATION post

Prominent musician and performer Guy Sebastian has issued an apology to his followers over his involvement in the industry-wide #VAXTHENATION campaign.

The surprise turnaround comes after Sebastian, along with hundreds of other prominent musicians and industry figures, banded together to encourage the nation to get vaccinated and “stop the interruptions” to the live scene.

Sebastian is still listed on the #VAXTHENATION website as a supporter of the campaign, alongside the likes of G-Flip, Amy Shark, Spacey Jane, Jack River, Pete Murray and Vance Joy, however he now appears to be backing down.

Sebastian said the campaign was posted to his page yesterday “without my direct involvement”.

“And whilst I, like everybody else in my industry, I want things to get going again, it is not my role to communicate in the way that that post was communicating,” he said. “I would never, ever tell people what to do when it comes to their personal health choices. I’m very sensitive of it not only on a public level, but even in my personal life, with people who have circumstances that they have to consider when making these choices.

“So I just want to say I’m really sorry. It was not a post that communicated with love or compassion, which I feel is what’s needed when it comes to addressing things like vaccinations. And so I just wanted to clarify so that I could speak my truth and people knew how I actually feel. So, lots of love.”

People online were quick to point out that Sebastian’s claim of not “tell[ing] people what to do when it comes to their personal health choices”, was at odds with his previous endorsement of Nature’s Way Kids Smart VITA Gummies.

Others, however, have gone harder.

2GB’s Mornings presenter, Ray Hadley, told Sebastian to “get the splinters out of your arse, get off the fence”.

“Grow a set, Guy, and don’t let those who are perhaps on your website saying ‘I’ll never listen to you again, won’t buy your CDs, won’t go on Spotify ever again’. Grow a set, mate, you’re better than that. That was a weak-kneed, ordinary response when the vast bulk of people in your industry are desperate to get back to work and the only way they get back to work is through double vaccination. That was a really weak response.”

Hadley also paraphrased musician Ben Lee, who said Sebastian’s flip-flopping was a “sad example of what happens when you try to be all things to all people”.


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