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News September 23, 2023

Jebediah to Enter WA Music Hall of Fame

Bob Gordon
Jebediah to Enter WA Music Hall of Fame
Image: Taj O'Halloran

Beloved Perth indie rockers Jebediah will be the latest inductees into the West Australian Music (WAM) Hall of Fame.

The band – featuring Kevin Mitchell (vocals/guitar), Brett Mitchell (drums), Vanessa Thornton (bass), and Chris Daymond (guitar) – will join other WA Music Hall of Famers including Bon Scott, The Farriss Brothers, Tim Minchin, Suze DeMarchi, The Pigram Brothers, The Waifs, Martyn P. Casey, Rick Steele, The Triffids, The Stems,
Johnny Young, and The Scientists.

“It’s really, really nice,” Mitchell said in a band statement. “I guess with an award like this it’s not necessarily something you’re thinking about during your career, but when they happen it feels good. I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to appreciate it a lot more as well.”

First formed in 1995, Jebediah rose to prominence that year when they won the National Campus Band Competition in what was only their 13th gig. Soon after they signed to Sony Music offshoot label Murmur (also home to Silverchair, Something for Kate and Ammonia) and started on a whirlwind of headline tours and main stage festival appearances.

Songs such as “Leaving Home”, “Jerks Of Attention”, “Harpoon”, “Teflon”, “Animal”, and “Fall Down” became radio staples and live favourites, and their albums Slightly Odway (1997), Of Someday Shambles (1999), Jebediah (2002), Braxton Hicks (2004), and Kosciusko (2011) consistently reached the top 10 of the ARIA Album Charts.

While their Hall of Fame induction celebrates their history, Jebediah are set to release “Gum Up the Bearings”, their first new single in over a decade. They’ll tour around the country in support of the track and there’s also word of a new album release coming next year.

Jebediah will do a WAMFest performance on Friday, November 17th, at The Rechabite in Northbridge, and their Hall of Fame induction will take place as part of the WA Music Awards at the Regal Theatre on Thursday, November 16th.

“Looking back I feel we’ve had such a such a good relationship with WA,” Mitchell added. “WA has been so supportive of us for such a long time. That’s what it really kind of brings to mind for me, is just the support and the goodwill. That’s just always been there ever since I was a teenager when we first started and now I’m about to be 46-year-old. A lot of time has passed, and that supportive goodwill has never ever wavered. That’s something that I feel like celebrating.”


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