New Signings September 25, 2020

New Zealand wonderkid J Hu$tle signs to TMRW Music

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New Zealand wonderkid J Hu$tle signs to TMRW Music

14-year-old New Zealand rapper J Hu$tle is the latest singing to TMRW Music.

The South Auckland-hailing artist is also a producer and DJ, having released a string of singles despite his young age.

Now he drops his latest track ‘Money Dance’.

TMRW Music head of A&R, Chris Fraser, told TMN he was introduced to J Hu$tle by good friend and fellow NZ rapper Savage.

“After being introduced to the project by our good friend Savage (of ‘Freaks’ and ‘Swing’ fame), we couldn’t help but be bowled over by the energy and fresh vibe J Hu$tle brings on this record,” Fraser said.

“The video in particular is super impressive, and this young lad is yet another example of the kind of amazing raw talent New Zealand has a knack for originating.”

‘Money Dance’ is a combination of hip hop, trap and EDM sounds, with its music video targeted towards TikTok.

“We tried to make a video during the first COVID lockdown, which didn’t work how we wanted it to. So as soon as we were able to film with the restrictions in place, we got to working on the video we have now,” J Hu$tle said.

“The concept is targeted towards the dance culture (TikTok) and applying my merchandise to be advertised.”

J Hu$tle was already on TMRW’s radar prior to signing with the label, having previously worked with the label on a worldwide distribution team.

“The more knowledge you gain, the more rewards you get,” he said of the new deal.

Check out the clip for ‘Money Dance’ below:

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