exclusive New Signings April 13, 2019

Introducing new TMRW Music signing Brock Jays, a future pop star with a powerful message

Introducing new TMRW Music signing Brock Jays, a future pop star with a powerful message

Brock Jays has come-of-age since gaining notoriety on Simon Cowell’s television franchise The X Factor in 2012.

After a fairly lacklustre stint in boyband What About Tonight, the Sydney artist has just signed a record deal with and launched his first solo single ‘Misfits’ under the alias JAYS.

“I was so stoked to have signed to TMRW Music,” Jays tells TMN. “I knew this would be an exciting venture from the first meeting. They’re backing me all the way and that’s what a new artist needs.”

Jays is managed by Young & Vicious, the brain trust behind breakthrough buzz act CXLOE.

“I have an incredible team who support, work hard on the grind and believe in my vision, which is the most important thing, so some super exciting times ahead!”

With the right songs, impeccable timing and music’s magic ingredient of luck, TMRW Music may have a hit act at the ready.

“I’m excited to work with JAYS and help bring his artistic vision to the world, one huge chorus at a time,” says Simon Lewicki, A&R manager at TMRW Music.

‘Misfits’ slid into commercial radio inboxes on Friday and features Chicago-based rapper JDP.

It’s a perfectly timed three-minute bop fit for nighttime radio playlists, co-written with James Maas, Anita McCloud and producer Dylan Bowes.

Peel back the layers of predictable pop and you have a song that encourages acceptance and inclusivity. It’s also a work that Jays says should act as a mission statement for his artistic vision.

“I really want ‘Misfits’ to be a bridge for people to find their inner strength, self-belief and a bit of love for themselves and others around them,” he says.

JAYS is already working on new material, writing in LA with the Grammy-nominated Richard Vission and Chris Hartz (Childish Gambino/Passion Pit), and Anita McCloud (Usher).

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