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Features May 6, 2019

Imogen Clark shares her top five Instagram tips for musicians

Imogen Clark shares her top five Instagram tips for musicians
Image: Supplied / Jeremy Dylan

Instagram is an increasingly necessary part of a musician’s social media strategy.

The photo-sharing platform recently shared data indicating that 65% of Aussie users between the ages of 18 and 34 agreed that Instagram helps them find new products, services, businesses or organisations, with music very much falling in that area.

53% also admitted to buying a product they’ve seen advertised on Instagram, including music.

Instagram also recently introduced music stickers within Stories, making the social platform even more influential and important for an artist’s marketing strategy.

CMC-nominated country artist Imogen Clark is touring Australia, using Instagram as a pillar of connecting her fans to her touring content.

She shares her top 5 tips for using the platform as a musician with TMN.

1. Don’t be afraid to be natural

I like to share a little about my everyday existence with the folks who follow me on Instagram, even the stuff which isn’t necessarily glamorous. I post a lot of photos and Instagram stories without make up on while in my pajamas.

People like to see the real side of you, not just who you are on stage, covered in glitter and under the spotlight. It reminds them that you’re similar to them, and being a relatable artist always helps people want to get to know you and your music better.

2. Like/reply to comments.

I like people to know that I personally run all of my social media accounts; no one is ever posting on my behalf.

That’s why I think it’s really great to reply to all the comments, or at the very least like each comment so that the person knows you’re noticing and appreciating their presence on your page. To me, that has helped me form great relationships with some of my followers through Instagram.

3. Instagram stories

I love Instagram stories! They’re quick, fun and give a little insight into your life, not just as an artist but as a human in general.

I love sharing significant moments on tour or in the studio; the walk from the green room to the stage, the view out the window as we travel from town to town, or a little snippet of a song we’re recording in the studio. But I also love sharing the less significant, everyday stuff. Often it’s me cuddling my dog Socks (she has become a fan favourite on my Instagram!)

4. Documenting progress

I like to post regular updates about recording and touring activities because what I’ve learned is that people feel more invested in something if they feel like they’ve been a part of the journey from the very beginning.

For example, I like posting about writing a new song, recording the demo, recording the final and then the process of releasing and promoting it as a single or part of an album. As a music fan, I get excited watching the progress of these activities with the artists I love, so I try to do that as much as possible.

5. Don’t be a jerk

Nobody is above interacting with their fans. I get frustrated as a music fan when I see artists pretending that they’re too cool to respond to people’s kind comments, or too cool to be promoting themselves. Making noise on social media is a huge part of the job as a modern day musician, and it has to be treated as work.

If you act too cool for your fans, they’re going to get tired of putting energy into an artist who gives them none in return.

Imogen Clark is currently touring Australia off the back of her new album ‘Collide’. Gig dates and details here.


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