News July 23, 2019

Hobart endorses pill testing at music festivals

Hobart endorses pill testing at music festivals

In a significant step, Hobart City Council has passed a motion to back at and other major events.

At last night’s council meeting, the vote was split six for and three against.

An amendment to the motion was that Hobart would not have to contribute financially towards the tests.

As the first body in Tasmania to take the step, Hobart City Council will now call on the Tasmanian state government to drop its hard stance.

Councillor Holly Ewin, who has spearheaded the move says it’s now about continuing the conversation.

“So whether we’ve got personal and professional connections with other people, even just in the community, let alone other levels of government and just keeping on talking about it and saying this is good evidence-based policy and these are the decisions we should be making for minimising harm in our community.”

The council will also do some “myth-busting” so residents get a better perspective on the pill testing.

Last November, TMN reported that Rosalie Woodruff of the Greens and member of Franklin had tabled a bill in parliament saying “the current government’s ‘tough on crime’ approach is outdated and clearly doesn’t work”.

“International research shows pill testing saves lives,” she added.

“Our bill brings together clinicians, police, community services and paramedics to advise government on safe drug testing and to provide a legal framework for the delivery of pill testing.”

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