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Chart Analysis October 16, 2019

‘Dance Monkey’ just hit #1 on Spotify’s Global Chart

‘Dance Monkey’ just hit #1 on Spotify’s Global Chart
Tones And I ruling the world

It wouldn’t be a complete week without Toni Watson smashing another remarkable record.

Australian runaway global success Tones And I is the biggest Aussie act on Spotify at the moment. She is also the most-clicked new artist in the world on the streaming platform.

‘Dance Monkey’ has just hit #1 on Spotify’s Global Chart, making Tones the first-ever Australian to achieve this position.

The upbeat infectious bop has now been streamed almost 223 million times since its May release, as well as finding a home on Spotify’s biggest playlist, Today’s Top Hits with over 224 million followers worldwide.

At the same time, The Kids Are Coming EP has since notched up 331 million streams since the August 30 release.

“Spotify has been the most incredible support from the early days,” said the Byron Bay singer.

“There is something for everyone and a playlist for everyone—it’s really become a massive way for artists to reach more listeners.”

With collaboration amongst Spotify’s global editorial, ‘Dance Monkey’ was included on various international playlists, including initial support in the Nordics, where she continues to top Spotify charts across the region.

The track is also #1 in 16 markets on Spotify, and  Top 3 in 25 other territories.

Its #1 spots are in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland and UK.

It is sitting at #2 on Spotify charts in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Romania, South Africa and Sweden.

In the official UK chart, ‘Dance Monkey’ is continuing to gather more sales on all platforms.

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